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    Hungary (Socialist)


This Order was conferred in recognition of merit within a range of civil fields, and for meritorious civil services that fostered peace in Hungary and co-operation with other nations.

The Order was amended in 1963 and 1976. In 1963 the IV Class and V Class grades were abolished. While in 1976 a green enamelled laurel wreath was added to the III Class.

The Order was permanently abolished in 1991.

The II Class grade has two main versions. The II Class awards that were conferred from 1956-1976 feature a gold coloured wreath on the obverse medallion, while the II Class awards that were conferred from 1976-1991 feature a green enamelled wreath on the obverse medallion.

The II Class may also be known as the III Class.

See the Order of the Flag of the Hungarian Republic, HUN237, in Hungary (1989-) for more information.


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