Fire Cross, III Class

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  • Fire Cross, III Class (1941) Obverse


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    November 24, 1941
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    The image of the Fire Cross, III Class is attributed to PimboliDD at Wikipedia at through the Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 Unported license. The III Class Cross image was cropped from a larger image contained the images of the III Class Cross, the II Class Cross, and the I Class Cross from left to right.


This Cross was originally founded in 1814 to commemorate and reward Hungarian military personnel who had rendered combat services in multiple countries.

The 1941 version of the Cross was re-instituted by Miklos Horthy, and it was awarded to Hungarian military personnel who had provided front-line combat service during World War II.

It is also known as the Front-line Combat Cross.

The obverse of the lower cross arm may feature the official date “1941,” “1942,” and “1943,” or the unofficial date “1938,” “1939,” and “1940.”

The reverse may feature the Cross' institution date "1941.

The ribbon of each grade of cross may be decorated with clasps indicating the number of wounds the recipient has sustained in combat.

One nickel clasp for the first wound, two nickel clasps for the 2nd wound, three nickel clasps for the 3rd wound, four nickel clasps for the fourth wound, and one bronze 5mm clasp for the fifth wound.

Each additional wound clasps on a cross’ ribbon increases the overall cost by 10 %.

The III Class Cross does not have a laurel wreath or crossed swords.


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    Obv: A HAZAERT 1941

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    The image of the Fire Cross, III Class is attributed to PimboliDD at Wikipedia at

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