Cross for Justice and Freedom

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  • Silver Cross (with "KOREA" clasp) Obverse
  • Silver Cross (with "KOREA" clasp) Reverse


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    July 23, 1951
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    It is uncertain how the different clasps may affect the value of this item.


The Cross for Justice and Freedom was established by Royal Decree in 1951. It was originally awarded to military personnel of the NDVN (Nederlands Detachement Verenigde Naties, “Netherlands Detachment, United Nations”) in recognition of service during the Korean War. Since 2002, it has been awarded to Dutch military personnel for service in military operations in defence of the Netherlands or international law.

A sword clasp inscribed "KOREA 1950" was worn on the ribbon to signify deployment in Korea. If more than one deployment was completed, the recipient wore the clasp with an Arabic numeral on the hilt to denote the total number of deployments.

Approximately 4000 Crosses were awarded for service in Korea. Of these, 516 were awarded for two deployments, 38 were awarded for three deployments, and one was awarded for four deployments.

There may be additional versions of the Silver Cross that differ in size.


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