Militia Long Service Decoration, Type I, Silver (for 15 Years)

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  • Silver Decoration (for 15 Years) Obverse
  • Silver Decoration (for 15 Years) Obverse


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    December 5, 1851


The Militia Long Service Decoration was established by Royal Decree in 1851, but it was officially discontinued in 1901. It was awarded to Officers of Dutch civil militias in recognition of long service. These militias, or Schutterij, were widespread in the Netherlands from the 16th to early 20th century.

The Decoration is classified into two types based on changes in form. Type I decorations are silver buckles, while Type II decorations are silver crosses. Both types show the number of service years in the centre and both were awarded on orange ribbons.

Every recipient was first awarded the Silver Decoration (for 15 Years) and could upgrade their decorations at their own expense for every additional 5 years of service.


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    See also the Army Officer's Long Service Medal.

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