Silver Memorial Cross (1813-1815)

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  • Silver Cross Obverse
  • Silver Cross Reverse
  • Silver Cross Obverse
  • Silver Cross Reverse


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    May 10, 1865
  • remarks
    There may be some versions that feature the stamp "P.Z." Sources suggest that this is a maker's mark, but more research is necessary for confirmation. It is uncertain if versions with this stamp will differ in price.


The Silver Memorial Cross (1813-1815) was established by Royal Decree in 1865. It was awarded to Dutch military personnel who participated in the defence and restoration of Dutch independence during the Napoleonic Wars from 1813-1815.

Because the Cross was instituted some fifty years after the service, only approximately 5000 recipients were recognised from the almost 30000 military personnel who served from 1813-1815.

There is an additional version of the Silver Cross that features a point after the date in the reverse inscription, although it is unknown how this may its value.


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    Obv: 1813 Rev: 1815

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