House Order of Orange, Crown Order, Type II, Cross of Honour

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    March 19, 1905


The House Order of Orange was established by Queen Wilhelmina in 1905. It is conferred at the sole discretion of the reigning Dutch monarch in recognition of meritorious service rendered to the Royal House of Orange.

This Order has a complicated history involving changes to grades and regulations. For clarity, it has been classified into two types based on overarching time periods where the award remains consistent. Type I decorations were awarded from 1905-1969, and Type II decorations have been awarded since 1969. The first three years, 1905-1908 presented decorations were awarded in 5 grades, with an additional 2-grade Cross of Merit, 3-grade Medal of Honour, 2-grade Medal for Arts and Science, and Ladies’ Cross. The 1905 design bore the motto on a ring positioned between the arms of the cross. However, these awards were not always manufactured and were not verified.

Type II decorations are awarded in four different groups: the Order of the House of Orange, the Crown Order, the Order of Loyalty and Merit, and Honorary Medals.

The Crown Order is conferred upon foreigners in recognition of meritorious service rendered to the Dutch Royal House. It is often conferred upon members of other royal houses.

The Cross of Honour features an obverse inscription that translates to “I Will Maintain.”

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