Central Africa Medal, Bronze Medal (with "CENTRAL AFRICA 1894-98" clasp) (1895-1896)


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The Central Africa Medal was sanctioned by Queen Victoria and established by Army Order on April 1, 1985. The Medal was issued three times; in 1895 to commemorate campaigns in Central Africa between 1891 to 1893, in 1896 for the 1893 to 1895 expeditions to Unyoro, and in 1899 for service in British Central Africa between 1894 to 1898. Silver Medals were awarded to Imperial and Native troops while Bronze Medals were awarded only to Native troops.

There are multiple versions of the Bronze Medal. The first version was awarded for the earliest Central African campaigns (1891-1893) and for the Unyoro expeditions (1893-1895) and features a ring suspension. The second version was conferred upon military personnel who fought in the latest Central African campaigns (1894-1898). The second version was awarded with a clasp that reads, “CENTRAL AFRICA 1894-98” and features a bar suspension.

Recipients of the first version of the Bronze Medal who also served in British Central Africa between 1895 and 1898 were eligible to receive the “CENTRAL AFRICA 1894-98” clasp, but the suspension of first version medals had to be altered to accommodate the clasp. First version medals with a clasp are rare.

The Bronze Medal may be found unnamed or named, with a number of different naming styles having been used. There may be additional versions that differ in size.


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