Ghuznee Medal

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  • Silver Medal Obverse
  • Silver Medal Reverse


  • country
    Great Britain
  • date of institution
    November 23, 1842
  • makers
    Calcutta Mint, Calcutta
  • remarks
    The price listed here is for an unnamed medal, but the value is expected to be higher for a named medal. The value of a named Medal is expected to differ according to the recipient.


The Ghuznee Medal was established by General Order in 1842. The Medal was awarded to British and Indian Officers, Non-Commissioned Officers, and enlisted men who participated in the Battle of Ghazni on July 23, 1839.

The Medal was never issued with a clasp, although examples may be found with privately made, unofficial clasps. The Medal was issued unnamed, but many recipients had their medals privately engraved on the rim or the reverse.

There may be additional versions of the Medal that differ in size.


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Ghuznee Medal

  • Price

    $600-2000 USD

  • Composition


  • Inscription

    Obv: GHUZNEE Rev: 23RD JULY 1839

  • Size


  • Maker

    Calcutta Mint, Calcutta

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