Queen's South Africa Medal, in Bronze (minted without date)


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  • Bronze Medal (minted without date) Obverse
  • Bronze Medal (minted without date) Reverse

Estimated market value:

$200-320 USD


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    Great Britain
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The Queen’s South Africa Medal was instituted by Queen Victoria in 1899 and authorised by Army Order. It was awarded to military personnel from British and Colony troops, civilians, noncombatants, and war correspondents who served in the Anglo-Boer War between 1899 and 1902. While the Silver Medal was generally awarded, Bronze Medals were awarded to some local and native contingents, Indian personnel, members of the West India Regiment, and other non-attested men. It is estimated that 178 000 Medals were awarded.

The Bronze Medal was issued without clasps.

There are 3 different versions of the Bronze Medal which vary by reverse engraving and design. The first version was instituted at the beginning of the war and depicts the inscription “SOUTH AFRICA 1899-1900” as well as an image of Britannia holding a wreath that extends to the “R” of “AFRICA”. The second version of the Medal was issued after 1900, as the war continued. Since many Medals were already minted, the reverse date “1899-1900” was removed. The reverse design of the second version Medal is the same as the first except that a faded impression of the dates “1899-1900”, can sometimes be seen. A third version of the Medal was minted with an altered reverse image after a need for more awards arose when the first and second versions of the Medal ran out. The third version features a design of Britannia holding a wreath that extends to the “F” of “AFRICA” and is not dated. Approximately between 50 and 70 dated Medals were issued to Canadian troops.

The Medal was issued named, however, unnamed versions are known to be in existence. The value of the Medal significantly varies with each recipient.


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