Seringapatam Medal, Gold Medal (Indian Manufacture)


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    Great Britain
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    Calcutta Mint, Calcutta
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    The engraver’s initials on the obverse have been stamped incorrectly, and are a testament this version’s lower quality. This version was manufactured with a suspension ring and was worn on a yellow cord. The Gold Medal is stamped "C.ʞ.H."


The Seringapatam Medal was established by the Honourable East India Company in 1801. It was created to commemorate the capture of Seringapatam on May 4, 1799, and the defeat of Tipu Sultan in the Fourth Anglo-Mysore War (1798-1799).

It was awarded to all 50000 British and Indian troops who served in the campaign, although it was awarded in different compositions to different ranks. Officers of the Honourable East India Company received permission to wear the medal in 1815, and British Officers received permission in 1851.

The Gold Medal was awarded to 30 high-ranking individuals including King George III, the Honourable Lord Melville, General Officers, and other British and Indian dignitaries. In 1808, an additional 83 Gold Medals were struck in Calcutta and awarded to Indian Officers.

The obverse features an Arabic inscription that can be translated to “The Lion of God is Conqueror,” and depicts the British Lion toppling a Bengal tiger, the emblem of the government of Tipu Sultan. The reverse features a Farsi inscription that can be translated to “The Fort of Seringapatam, the Gift of God, 28th day of the month Zikadah, 1213 of the Hegira.”

The medals were issued unnamed and without a suspension, although it is common to find them either pierced or with a ring added and worn on an orange ribbon. It is also possible to find some medals that have been privately named.


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