Chinese Medal Mystery

Started by researcher


I am a researcher trying to verify the veracity and use of a medal, however I only have a verbal description. I would love someone's help identifying it, if possible!

Here is the description:

A small red medallion with a small gun “like a pistol” engraved on one side and “Republic of China” engraved on the outer edge of the other side in Chinese (not sure if Mandarin or Cantonese). The person who discovered the medal has also said it translated to “Red China,” so it is possible he was using that term broadly to mean something other than the Republic of China specifically. The interviewee says this medal and a similar one were discovered in 1996 and were concealed under a drawer. The person our interviewee believes owned this medal often competed in marksmanship competitions, but said this medal “did not have any sort of 1st or 2nd place or anything” on it, in case that helps.