German Army Command Flag of Panzer Groups and Panzer Armies

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  • German Army Command Flag of Panzer Groups and Panzer Armies Obverse


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    January 25, 1941


The flags of the Wehrmacht were initially the old tradition flags of the Imperial Army, which had also been the flags of the Reichswehr. New Wehrmacht flags were introduced on March 16, 1936. All individual colours of units were replaced by the Reich War Flag on August 28, 1944.

Flags and pennants were not only used for individual units, but also to identify high-ranking officers or command posts. Staff flags for commanding officers of units usually showed numbers and (Latin) letters, at least in times of peace, to help identify units more accurately.

There are also National Insignia Pennants (Hoheitszeichen) for officers that were used exclusively on motor vehicles.

The Command Flag of Panzer Groups and Panzer Armies (Kommandoflagge Panzergruppe, Panzerarmee) was introduced on January 25, 1941. The flag is very similar to the Command Flag of Groups, Army Groups, and Armies: it is a red square with a smaller square on it, divided into four equal parts, but instead of squares they are diagonally divided triangles, the upper and lower one black, and the left and right one white.


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