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  • HJ Knife (without motto) Obverse with Scabbard
  • HJ Knife (without motto) Obverse
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The HJ Knife was originally known as "Fahrtenmesser" (hiking or camp knife). It could be worn by all members of the HJ, but there was no binding regulation for any member that made it mandatory. Most boys would outfit themselves with it, except for the ones who were not able to afford it. Members of the DJ (German Youngsters) were allowed to wear the knife after earning full membership in the so called "Pimpfenprobe" test, and if their district leader allowed it.

Prior to 1933, there were many unofficial version. In early 1933 the first regulation aimed at standardisation was released.

The blade is 139mm long and measures 27mm at its widest point. On the obverse side, the blade features the HJ motto “Blut und Ehre!” (blood and honour) in cursive, actually a facsimile of Reich Youth Leader Baldur von Schirach's handwriting. This was discontinued in a later regulation from August 19, 1938, but earlier knives that were still in use remained permitted.

All metal parts of the handle are nickled, although late-war examples may completely lack any plating. The grip is made of checkered black hard rubber, with an HJ diamond inlaid on the obverse.

The scabbard is 145mm long and 32mm wide. It was made of sheet metal and painted metallic blue or black.

The knife was worn on the left side of the belt.

Due to early unofficial versions and personalised knives, numerous different versions can be encountered.


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