HJ Leader Dagger

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The Leader Dagger was introduced in 1937. It was awarded to and worn by all HJ Leaders above the rank of Hauptgefolgschaftsführer.

It is 340mm long. Any metal on the grip was made from silver-plated aluminum. The crossguard is bend slightly upwards and has a design on both sides that's reminiscent of a rope structure. The grip was made from wood and covered by silver wire. The pommel cap features a swastika.

Like the HJ Knive, the Leader Dagger features the HJ motto “Blut und Ehre!” (blood and honour) on the obverse. In contrary to the cursive letters on the Knive though, block letters were used on the Leader Dagger. The blade is double-edged.

The scabbard is made of metal, with portions covered in dark blue leather. The uncovered portions, the scabbard fittings, are silver-plated, with the top and middle one carrying two rings to attach the dagger hangers to. They have the same rope-like design pattern as the crossguard, and the upper fitting features an eagle with a swastika on its chest.

The dagger was suspended from two leather hangers with aluminum fittings.

An extremely rare and special Honour Dagger version was worn by leaders of HJ detachments on official visits to foreign countries. This dagger's scabbard had either white leather coverings, or the leather was missing altogether and the scabbard was instead entirely silver-plated.


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