HJ Officer Higher Leader Belt Buckle Type I

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All members of the Hitler Youth wore a belt buckle with HJ insignia on them with their general uniforms. There were few exceptions, for example the various sports dresses.

The HJ belt buckles were worn on a brown leather belt with a cross strap. In December of 1935, a regulation changed the colour of belt and cross strap to black. However, it took almost a year to fully implement this change.

There were white leather belts and cross straps, but they were extremely rare and, as far as we know, only used for delegations on a visit to a foreign country.

Starting in October 1934, every buckle had to have a Reichszeugmeisterei (National Quartermaster’s Office, RZM) tag and name or logo of the manufacturing company on the reverse. In 1935, this was changed and the manufacturer’s logo or name was taken off. Just the RZM remained, alongside a numbered code, that always started with M4/. The “M” stood for metal and the “4” for belt buckle. After the slash came a number, which represented the manufacturer as per an RZM code.

The belt buckles of the HJ were consistently made of metal, yet the specific composition changed a lot over the years. In the early years of the movements there were no regulations. As of January 1936, aluminum became the standard material. However, it took almost a year to fully implement this guideline.

With the war approaching, this rule was revisited, and several different materials were used in the years to come. The quality became worse the longer the war went on. Later war period specimen were often injection-molded pot-metal versions. In addition, polished nickel, aluminum paint, field grey paint, anodized, and natural metal versions were produced.

In 1929 a first version of a leader belt buckle was introduced in an effort of standardization. It was a lightweight oval stamping, showing a pebbled swastika inside a circular wreath of laurel leaves.

There was a silver-coloured and a gold-coloured version, which is presumed to mirror the colour of the shoulder strap buttons, reflecting the difference between leader ranks and higher leader ranks. If this was in fact the case, Bann-, Oberbann-, and Gebietsführer wore silver-coloured buttons, while Obergebietsführer, Department Heads of the Staff of the Reichsjugendführung (RJF) and the Leader of the staff of the RJF wore gold-coloured buttons. More research is needed to verify this.


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