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    November 6, 1936


In general, the uniforms of the male Hitler Youth members consisted of a top, a neckerchief and woggle – but a tie for officers –, bottoms, a belt, knee socks, and shoes or boots.

The Leader’s Greatcoat was introduced on November 6, 1936. It was worn by all Hitler Youth leaders of the rank of Bannführer and above during the winter period (October 15 to April 14).

It is a brown double-breasted coat with two rows of six buttons each, made from metal and dark brown in colour. Only the three lower buttons on the wearer’s right side would be closed. It features rolled-back cuffs, a black lay-down collar, and a black lapel. The hip pockets are concealed slash ones with flaps. Under the left flap there was a slash for wearing of the dagger hangers. The back features a double cloth belt, which is secured by metal buttons. The coat was supposed to reach down to the middle of the calf.

A regulation from September 5, 1941 stated that the greatcoat would no longer have a black collar. Leaders who had gold or silver-coloured insignia on their shoulder boards wore gold or silver-coloured twist cord piping around the collar.

There was also a Leader’s Leather Greatcoat, which was identical to the regular greatcoat, except for the leather material.

The Leader Blouse of the Aviation HJ members was identical, except that after 1938 all items worn during the winter months (October 15 to April 14) or during flying exercises were of Luftwaffe blue-grey colour, as was the collar.


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