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  • HJ Leader Blouse Obverse & Reverse


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    December 17, 1938


In general, the uniforms of the male Hitler Youth members consisted of a top, a neckerchief and woggle – but a tie for officers –, bottoms, a belt, knee socks, and shoes or boots.

The leader’s blouse was introduced in a regulation from December 17, 1938. It was worn by leader ranks from Gefolgschaftsführer to Oberstammführer that were not authorized to wear the leader’s service tunic, by leaders commanding a Gefolgschaft who had not yet reached the rank of Bannführer, by Medical Hitler Youth members of the ranks from Oberfeldscher through Hauptstabsarzt, and by general leaders participating in field exercises or motorcycle travel. A regulation from September 1941 changed this to include all leaders of Gefolgschaftsführer rank and above. Naval Hitler Youth Leaders were excluded.

It is a brown wool gabardine waist-length blouse, and has a fall down collar and an open lapel. The lapel has a black button to close it with. The blouse features a concealed front closure with four brown buttons, two buttons on each cuff, and a button on each shoulder to hold the straps. There are two pleated breast pockets with a slanted buttoned flap on it. It has two aluminum metal belt hooks at the waist seam.

All buttons are pebbled and in matte aluminum, except for the closing buttons down the front and the lapel button, which were made of plastic.

A brown herringbone twill version of this blouse exists, that was probably used as a wartime “work” jacket.

The leader blouse of the Aviation HJ members was identical, except that after 1938 all items worn during the winter months (October 15 to April 14) or during flying exercises were of air force blue colour. The buttons were aluminum-coloured.


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