Kriegsmarine Officer Ranks Tropical Visored Field Cap

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    All Kriegsmarine Tropical Field Caps are rare, but the Officer Caps are exceptionally rare.


The headgear and uniforms worn by members of the Kriegsmarine were based upon the designs utilized by the Kaiserliche Marine and the Reichsmarine. The official regulations governing the uniforms of the Reichsmarine were issued on April 5, 1921, and they were embraced, with a few alterations, as the Kriegsmarine uniforms in 1935. New guidelines concerning rank insignia were issued in 1936.

This Field Cap was introduced for wear by Kriegsmarine personnel, including Officers, Non-Commissioned Officers (NCOs), and enlisted men, who served in tropical regions, such as the Mediterranean and North Africa theatres of war.

These caps are primarily composed of tan-coloured cotton twill weave, but there are also examples that are made from a light-weight canvas material, and even some rare caps that are composed of white cotton linen. They mirrored the design of the Army Tropical Field Caps, in that they feature simulated flaps along the side skirts, and have four ventilation grommets, two on either side of the cap below the top cover piping. The top of the cap was always manufactured with a pinched central seam.

Each field cap was also adorned with at least two official insignia, the national emblem and a tricolour cockade. These insignia were machine-woven (BeVo) on tan backing or composed of stamped, light weight metal. Technically, the insignia composed of metal were unofficial and against Kriegsmarine regulations. The official national emblem was made from a golden yellow thread on a tan rayon backing that was cut in the shape of a trapezoid or cut to match the shape of the eagle. The official cockade was machine-woven (BeVo) on a tan, diamond-shaped, rayon backing. These insignia could be hand-sewn or machine-sewn onto the cap itself.

The field caps of Officers, and Administrative Officials with the rank of Officer, had additional piping along the crown seam/simulated side skirt. The piping was gold-coloured for Officers, and silver-coloured (aluminum) for Officials. This piping usually spanned the entire crown seam.

The lining of government issued caps was made from light-green/green satin weave, and it did not include a sweatband. The government issued caps also generally feature the RB Numbers on the lining. Maker marks are also seen on the lining, but rarely.

This Tropical Field Cap is also known as the Kriegsmarine Tropical Feldm├╝tze 42 or the Kriegsmarine Tropical M43-style Field Cap.

There are versions of this cap that only have two ventilation grommets, with one on either side of the cap below the top cover piping.


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