NSDAP Ordensburg Führeranwärter Shoulder Boards

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The uniforms, headgear, and insignia of the National Socialist German Workers’ Party (Nationalsozialistische Deutsche Arbeiterpartei or NSDAP) went through several design changes from 1933 until the end of the Second World War. Dr. Ley, originally the Gauleiter of Rheinland and later promoted to the position of chief of staff of Party Organization and Reich Organization Leader, was largely responsible for the NSDAP rank system and uniforms.

The Ordensburgen (order castles) were elite schools for Hitler Youth members who were destined to become part of the NSDAP elite. They were even more prestigious than the NPEA schools. There were four Ordensburgen: Krössinsee, Sonthofen, Vogelsang, and Marienburg. Approximately 1000 students and 500 staff were stationed at each school. Students were trained for a duration of one year.
Führeranwärter (leader candidates) at an Ordensburg wore a pair of interwoven brown shoulder boards without pips on an orange-yellow cloth underlay.


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