SA Sports Badge, Type III, in Bronze

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    March 21, 1934
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    The SA Sports Badge, Type III is also known as the SA Defence Badge. Technically, it is not a sports badge at all, but an achievement badge. With the introduction of the Type III badge, Type I and Type II badges were no longer allowed to be worn. Type III badges never features a number on the reverse. The SA Naval Sports Badge is very rare, and very few were awarded.


The SA Sports Badge was established as a semi-official award by the Stabschef Ernst Röhm on November 28th, 1933, and it was granted official status by Adolf Hitler on February 15th, 1935. Originally, only members of the SA were eligible to receive the award, however, once it gained official status, all racially pure and hereditarily fit Germans became eligible to receive the award. In order to receive the Badge, an individual had to pass a single physical fitness test.

On March 18th, 1937, the award criteria was changed and recipients were required to pass the physical fitness exam every year, in order to retain their Badge. Men were expected to try and win the Badge from the age of 17 and on. Members of the Hitler Youth were to start preparing at age 16.

On January 19th, 1939, Adolf Hitler ordered the name to be changed to SA Wehrabzeichen (Military Defence Badge or Military Sports Badge), but the design remained the same.

The test activities were divided into three categories: physical exercises, field exercises and defence exercises. Physical exercises included: long jump, 100 yards sprint, shot put, long-distance throw, and 300-metre run. Field exercises included: signalling, map reading, reconnaissance work, judging terrain and estimating ranges. Defence exercises included: small calibre arms fire, swimming or cycle speed test, grenade throwing, etc.

The Naval Branch of the SA had to complete different activities, which included: casting lines, a 25-minute row in a cutter, knotting and splicing, seamanship in boats, etc.

The Badge was issued in three grades, bronze, silver and gold.

The Bronze Badge was issued to men under the age of 35, who passed the tests within a period of 12 months.

Type III was issued from January 1939 to 1945. There are two versions, one with "Eigentum der Obersten S.A. Führung” stamped on the reverse, one with an RZM maker's code stamped on the reverse.


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