Gau Honour Badge Berlin, in Gold

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  • Gau Honour Badge Berlin, in Gold Obverse


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    October 29, 1936
  • remarks
    The Badges in Gold were awarded by the Gau Leader himself, and at his discretion. The Badges in Silver were awarded for continuous membership in the NSDAP since June 1, 1927 or earlier. 31 Badges in Gold and 665 Badges in Silver were awarded, 41 of the Silver Badges to women.


The Badge was instituted in late 1936, and was conferred upon individuals in Gau Berlin (district) who served in the Nazi Party during the Kampfzeit or “Time of Struggle” when the Nazis struggled to gain political power.

The Nazi Regime divided Germany into a series of districts of “Gaue” to facilitate nationwide Party administration.

Every Gau was administered by a Gauleiter or “District Leader.” In October 1926, Hitler appointed Dr. Goebbels as the Gauleiter of Berlin.

The Badge was conferred upon male and female Nazi Party members who had held membership since June 1, 1927.

There were 31 Gold Badges awarded.


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    War Material gilt/Enamelled

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    Obv: 1926 1936 BERLIN

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