Honour Roll Clasp, Heer/Army

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  • Honour Roll Clasp, Heer/Army Obverse
  • Honour Roll Clasp, Heer/Army Obverse
  • Honour Roll Clasp, Heer/Army Obverse
  • Honour Roll Clasp, Heer/Army Reverse


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    January 30, 1944
  • remarks
    Approximately 4500 Heer/Army Clasps were awarded.


In July of 1941, an honour roll was created to record the heroic deeds and outstanding accomplishments of soldiers who served in the German Army. The Decoration was established following the German invasion of the Soviet Union in 1941, and was originally issued as a simple paper award. In January 1944, Adolf Hitler ordered the establishment of the metallic version of the award.

In February of 1943, the Navy created a similar roll, and on May 13, 1944, the Honour Roll Clasp for Navy personnel was instituted.

On July 5 1944, an Honour Roll Clasp was instituted for the personnel of the Luftwaffe.

In order to receive the Award, the recipient had to have distinguished themselves in combat, had to be included on the Honour Role of the German Army, and had to have already received the I and II Class Iron Cross.

The Award was issued sparingly in order to preserve its prestige.


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