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  • Metz 1944 Cuff Title Obverse
  • Metz 1944 Cuff Title Obverse
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  • Metz 1944 Cuff Title Reverse
  • Metz 1944 Cuff Title Reverse Detail


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    October 24, 1944
  • remarks
    This is one of the rarest cuff titles of the Third Reich, with only approximately 300 awarded. Provisional versions of lower quality exist which are worth approximately a third of what a regular specimen would be valued at.


The Insignia was instituted by Adolf Hitler on October 24, 1944, and was conferred upon members of Wehrmacht who defended the besieged city of Metz from August 27, 1944 to September 25, 1944.

On September 3rd, 1944, the American advance towards Germany was halted at the city of Metz, and the first attempt to take the town on October 1st failed. The defenders of the city were able to hold out until the Americans launched a major offensive, which began on November 8th and ended with the clearing of most of the town by November 8th.

In order to receive the Decoration, an individual had to have been a member of Kampfgruppe von Siegroth for at least 7 day, or had to have independently operated within Kampfgruppe von Siegroth’s defensive sector for at least 7 days. If an individual was wounded in the defensive sector, they could receive the Decoration regardless of how long they had served.

This Cuff Title was also awarded to all military personnel and students, regardless of rank, who attended the Infantry Officer Candidate School VI in Metz.


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    Wool/Cotton Thread

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    Obv: METZ 1944

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