Tank Destruction Badge, in Gold

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  • Tank Destruction Badge, in Gold Obverse
  • Tank Destruction Badge, in Gold Obverse
  • Tank Destruction Badge, in Gold Reverse
  • Tank Destruction Badge, in Gold Obverse


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    March 9, 1942
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    This is a very scarce award.


The Tank Destroyer Badge was instituted on March 9th, 1942, and was conferred upon military personnel who single-handedly destroyed an enemy armoured vehicle or tank using hand-held weapons. Anti-tank units were not eligible to receive this Award. The Badge could be retroactively awarded for actions that dated back to June 22nd, 1941, the day which marked the onset of Operation Barbarossa. Prior to the institution of the Badge, an individual could be awarded the General Assault Badge for destroying an enemy tank.

The Gold Badge was instituted on December 18, 1943, to reward individuals who had independently destroyed five enemy tanks.

The colour of the ribbon and tank emblem indicates the grade level of the Award.

The Gold Badge features a silver or gold coloured tank on a silvered/yellow embroidered threads, with black stripes along the exterior edges. The ribbon of the Gold Badge is made of gold celleon or gold bullion wire. The early versions of the Gold Badge feature a silvered tank, while the later version of the Gold Badge features a blackened tank.

There were approximately 400 Gold Badges awarded.


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