Glider Pilot Badge, in Cloth

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    December 16, 1940


The badge was established on December 16, 1940 by the Supreme Commander of the Luftwaffe, Hermann Göring, and was conferred upon pilots who successfully acquired the gliding pilot licence.

The first badges were not awarded until 1942. With the disbanding of all glider pilot schools in September of 1944 no more badges were awarded after this date.

The badge was designed by Wilhelm Ernst Peekhaus from Berlin.

The first badges were made by C. E. Juncker. Juncker and Brüder Schneider from Vienna were the only two companies to produce award pieces. The company MFP from Posen and an additional unknown maker produced official replacement pieces.

It is unknown how many Glider Pilot Badges were actually awarded, however the number is estimated at approximately 1700 at least.

Cloth versions could be bought privately. Cloth versions of Luftwaffe badges were relatively popular, since they couldn’t get stuck on machinery or get in the way in the small cockpit. They were produced as cheaper machine-embroidered badges or high quality hand-embroidered ones, with the latter being intended for officers. Cloth badges of the Glider Pilot Badge are extremely rare.


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