Ground Assault Badge, in Cloth

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  • Ground Assault Badge, in Cloth (in bullion) Obverse
  • Ground Assault Badge, in Cloth (in bullion) Reverse
  • Ground Assault Badge, in Cloth (in bullion) Obverse


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    March 31, 1942


The badge was instituted on March 31, 1942, and was conferred upon personnel of the Luftwaffe’s ground combat formations who participated in three actions on three separate days.

The Luftwaffe had a very large number of ground combat formations under its command, which included infantry, armoured, and parachute troops. These divisions were under the control of Hermann Göring until July of 1944.

All combat troops, including medical personnel, were eligible to receive the award.

On November 10, 1944, the Badge grades were expanded to recognize the accomplishments of Luftwaffe personnel who had participated in 25, 50, 75, and 100 ground assault operations. There is no evidence to suggest that these new grades were produced or awarded during the Second World War.

The badge was designed by W. E. Peekhaus.


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    Hand-embroidered bullion cloth badges were worn by officers, while enlisted men wore machine-embroidered ones.

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