Luftwaffe Panzer Assault Badge, in Black

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  • Luftwaffe Panzer Assault Badge, in Black


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    November 3, 1944
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    This is an incredibly rare badge due to its late institution date. Badges in zinc are thought to have been awarded in small numbers, but there is no proof in the form of photographic evidence yet. Mostly, instead of a badge given out recipients merely received an entry in their Soldbooks.


The badge was instituted by Hermann Göring on November 3rd, 1944, and conferred upon the Luftwaffe Panzer troops. In order to receive the badge, an individual had to participate in three separate military engagements on three different days.

The badge was originally awarded in two versions, the silver wreath version and the black wreath version.

The Silver Badges were awarded to general Luftwaffe Panzer personnel, including gunners, drivers, repair crews, radiomen, medical personnel, and tank commander.

The Black Badges were awarded to specialized Luftwaffe Panzer personnel, including armoured units, Panzer grenadiers, and their associated medical crews.

Additional grades of the badge were introduced a week after the initial founding by Hermann Göring. They were meant to reward recipients for service in 25, 50, 75, and 100 ground combat operations.

These numbered badges are incredibly rare, and it is likely that only trial samples were manufactured during the Second World War.


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