Luftwaffe Sea Combat Badge

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    November 27, 1944
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    A small number of wartime samples have probably been produced. Awardings have been verified.


The badge was instituted on November 27, 1944, and was conferred upon the crew members of the Luftwaffe’s supply ships and special surface craft, as well as the crew of sea and air rescue launches.

The German Armed Forces did not have aircraft carriers, nor did they have an air wing of the Navy. Therefore, naval flying was under the command of the Luftwaffe. The badge was not be conferred upon air-crew personnel.

Eligibility for the badge was based upon the amount of time a candidate spent at sea. Each day equated to a total of 10 hours at sea.

Crew Members and Leaders of Luftwaffe supply ships and surface vessels were eligible to receive the badge after spending 60 days in the North or South Sea, or after spending 20 days at sea in the Mediterranean.

The badge was also awarded to crew members and leaders of air and sea rescue launches who served 10 days at sea with a successful rescue, or who served 20 days at sea with an attempted rescue or a minimum of three hours of sea service each day.

There are examples of this badge that were produced during the Second World War, but they are extremely rare.


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