Driver Proficiency Badge, in Silver

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  • Driver Proficiency Badge, in Silver Obverse
  • Driver Proficiency Badge, in Silver Reverse
  • Driver Proficiency Badge, in Silver Obverse


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    October 23, 1942


The Driver's Proficiency Badge was instituted on October 23rd, 1942, and was conferred upon drivers of military transport vehicles who distinguished themselves during combat and took exceptional care of their vehicles, even in the harshest of conditions. The Badge was retroactively awarded for service beginning on December 1st, 1940.

Awards to military personnel were issued by the unit commanding Officer, and awards to civilians were conferred by the Minister of the Interior. In order to receive the award, drivers must fulfill the following service periods: Motorcycle drivers must complete 90 days of service, drivers of armed vehicles must complete 120 days of service, drivers from other military vehicles must complete 150 days of service, drivers of supply vehicles must complete 165 days of service, and drivers attached to army commando units must complete 185 days of service. The award could be conferred upon individuals who performed meritorious service in the following regions: Occupied Greece, Romania, Bulgaria, Finland, Norway, Africa, and areas north of the former Russian Border. The award could be conferred upon non-German auxiliaries in the Wehrmacht, but not the military personnel of Germany’s allies.

The Badge could be conferred for a shorter service period if a driver served in an especially difficult climate or terrain, such as Russia or North Africa. It could also be awarded, regardless of the length of service, for an act of merit or a special achievement. A recipient could be stripped of the Badge for careless driving, road accidents due to driver negligence, or the mistreatment of a vehicle.

The Badge was conferred in three grades, bronze, silver, and gold.


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