SS Death's Head Ring (to unknown recipient)


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  • SS Death's Head Ring (to unknown recipient) Obverse
  • SS Death's Head Ring (to unknown recipient) Reverse
  • SS Death's Head Ring (to unknown recipient) Interior

Estimated market value:

$4,250 USD


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Physical Description and Item Details

A well preserved rare example of a third reich period SS-Honour Ring (SS-Ehrenring), also referred to by collectors as a Death’s Head Ring; the ring constructed of silver, with an oak-leaf design along the outside of the ring, along with the four trademark runes - being “Sig”, “Hagal”, “Swastika”, and “Double”, and a skull and bones motif in the center; the inside of the ring is inscribed “H. Himmler” and is dated “30.6.34”; it has an interior diameter of 23 mm - suitable for a very large finger; a proudly worn example in overall near extremely fine condition. A rare example.


The decoration was instituted by Heinrich Himmler. It was not a state decoration, but rather a personal gift bestowed by Himmler. The SS Honour Sword and SS Honour Dagger were similar awards.
The ring was initially presented to senior officers of the Old Guard (of which there were fewer than 5,000). Each ring had the recipient's name, the award date, and Himmler's signature engraved on the interior. The ring came with a standard letter from Himmler and citation. It was to be worn only on the left hand, on the "ring finger". If an SS member was dismissed or retired from the service, his ring had to be returned.


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