DJ Proficiency Badge, in Silver

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  • DJ Proficiency Badge, in Silver Obverse
  • DJ Proficiency Badge, in Silver Reverse


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    October 3, 1935
  • remarks
    The "B" on the reverse of some of these badges may indicate that it is a badge purchased by the recipient to replace a lost badge, or it may indicate the level of proficiency achieved by the recipient.


The German Youth Organization "Deutsches Jungvolk" (DJ) was founded as a junior level of the Hitler Youth movement by Kurt Gruber in 1928. Membership in the DJ was mandatory for German boys between the ages of 10-14 from March 25, 1939 onward.

The German Youth (DJ) Proficiency Badge was instituted to replace the Iron Badge grade of the Hitler Youth Proficiency Badge, which became obsolete in 1937.

This Badge was awarded to members of the DJ in recognition of proficiency and achievements in physical fitness and Nazi ideology.

The reverse of all issued badges are numbered.

The cloth version of the badge was worn on the physical fitness uniform of the recipients.

The Black Badge grade was only awarded for a short period of time following the Badge's institution in 1935.

The Black Badge may also be known as the Iron Badge.


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    Silvered Feinzinc

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    Steinhauer & L├╝ck, L├╝denscheid

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