German Horseman's Badge, in Bronze


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  • German Horseman's Badge, in Bronze
  • German Horseman's Badge, in Bronze

Estimated market value:

$135 USD


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(Pferdesport Leistungsabzeichen in Bronze). Constructed of oval shaped bronze; the obverse consisting of an oak wreath with a horseshoe and the letter “R” at the base, with a rider on a horse; the reverse plain, with a vertical pinback, with a barrel hinge, and a flat wire catch; marked “L. Chr. Lauer, Nürnberg” and “Gesetzlich Geschützt” on the reverse; measuring 42.68 mm (w) x 52.32 mm (h); weighing 15.1 grams. With a matching stick pin; marked with identical markings as the full sized badge on the reverse; measuring 14.55 mm (w) x 18.15 mm (h); with a 58 mm long knurled pin; in overall very fine condition.


The Badge was instituted by the German National Federation for the Breeding and Testing of Thoroughbreds in April 1930, to increase interest in equestrian sports among German youth, as well as to encourage good horsemanship.

In the years following its establishment, the Badge received an official sanction from Adolf Hitler and became a national award.

The Badge was conferred in three grades, bronze, silver and gold.

The Bronze Badge was awarded to recognize merit and success within individual horse races.


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