HJ Proficiency Badge, in Bronze, in Cloth

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  • HJ Proficiency Badge, in Bronze, in Cloth Obverse
  • HJ Proficiency Badge, in Bronze, in Cloth Reverse


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    June 1, 1934
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    The Bronze Badge is composed of various War Materials. Known manufacturers of this badge include M1/34, M1/36, M1/63, M1/101.


The Badge was instituted by Reich Youth Leader, Baldur von Schirach in June 1934, and was conferred upon Hitler Youth members who completed a series of proficiency tests.

The Badge was issued in three classes, black, bronze and silver. Black was conferred upon the boys of the Jungvolk, but this ceased when a separate proficiency Badge for the group was established.

Each class of badge was further divided into an associated grade of proficiency, A, B, or C. The reverse of the badge was infrequently stamped with the grade of proficiency.

The first test was based on athletics and gymnastics, and boys had to participate in a 100 meter spring, a 3000 meter run, long jump, hammer-throwing, shot-put, swimming and horizontal bar exercises.

The second test focused on field exercises, which includes map reading, route marching, fire orders, estimating distances, the art of camouflage, and firing from a prone position.

The third test focused on political knowledge, and boys had to have a decent knowledge of history and National Socialist ideology.

The Motor Hitler Youth had to complete additional tasks, related to driving, technical knowledge and traffic.

All badges are numbered on the reverse.

The Bronze Badge was awarded to 16 year old members.


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