HJ Skiing Badge

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  • HJ Skiing Badge Obverse
  • HJ Skiing Badge Reverse
  • HJ Skiing Badge Obverse
  • HJ Skiing Badge Reverse


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    This is an extremely rare badge, with less than 100 badges awarded.


The Badge was founded in late 1933 or early 1934, and could be conferred upon members of the Hitler Youth, BDM, Jungvolk, and Jungmädel.

The exact reason the Badge was awarded is unknown, although it was likely an award for passing some form of alpine skiing test.

The Badge may have been discontinued shortly after its establishment.


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HJ Skiing Badge

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    $5500 USD

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    Silvered Brass/Enamelled

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    Wittmann, München

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Moritz commented on Report | Click to reply above
The way this badge combines all these different shapes into one item is fascinating! On the one hand, it's a shame that it wasn't given out more often. But on the other hand, the rarity of it certainly contributes to its special character.

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