National Trade Competition Victors' Badge Case of Issue, Type II, in Gold

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The Badge was conferred upon individuals who won the German National Trade Competition.

Individuals were eligible for the badge if they were a member of a Nazi youth organization, like the BDM or Hitler Youth.

Recipients also had to fit within one of four recipient categories, including females between the ages of 15-21, male manual workers between the ages of 15-18, male apprentices within technical and commercial trades between 15-21, or male and female students at a trade or commercial schools.

The German National Trade Competition tested the participants on practical trade knowledge and skill, arithmetic, and political theory.

In 1938, individual badges were founded to reward each level of victor.

The winners were first selected from their local area or “Kreis”. They were awarded the Bronze Badge (Kreissieger).

The “Kreis” winners competed against each other, and from that contest the district or “Gau” victors were selected. They were awarded the Silver Badge (Gausieger).

The “Gau” victors also competed against each other, with the victor becoming the National Champion. The National Champion was awarded the Gold Badge (Reichssieger).


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