SS Germanic Proficiency Runes Badge, in Silver

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  • SS Germanic Proficiency Runes Badge, in Silver Obverse
  • SS Germanic Proficiency Runes Badge, in Silver Reverse


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    August 15, 1943


The Germanic Proficiency Runes Badge was founded by Heinrich Himmler on August 15, 1943, and was conferred upon personnel from all branches of the SS who achieved proficiency in physical fitness, weapon use, and demonstrated adherence and loyalty to the Nationalist Socialist spirit. The Badge was specifically intended to reward non-German SS personnel in German occupied countries. In the Nordic countries of occupied Europe, such as Norway, Holland, Denmark and Flanders, S.S. units were established by collaborationist leaders. These units remained largely disorganised until they were brought collectively under Himmler’s control and renamed the Germanic S.S. Norway.

The tests for the badge were both individual tasks and team/group activities, which focused on physical endurance and field training exercises. This included: running, swimming, jumping, hammer-throwing, rope swinging, shooting, map reading, signalling, report reading, tactical use of terrain, etc.

The Bronze Badge was awarded to SS personnel who successfully demonstrated a high-level of sports proficiency. The Silver Badge was awarded to SS personnel who demonstrated an even higher level of proficiency. For example, in order to receive a Silver Badge, an individual had to run a 400-meter sprint in 68 seconds, rather than the bronze level standard of 72.5 seconds.

The first set of Badges was awarded by Himmler himself in February of 1944. 95 Dutch SS were awarded the Badges at a training centre in Holland.

This is an extremely rare badge.


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