Air Gunner's Badge (in silvered bronze)


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Estimated market value:

$575+ USD


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    Silvered Bronze
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The Badge was instituted by Wilhelm II and was conferred upon Officers, Non-Commissioned Officers, and enlisted men for demonstrating skill while operating a machine gun in aerial combat and on the ground.

In order to receive the award, individuals were to have an extensive knowledge of aircraft engines and how they operated, as well as understand the theory of flight, aerial navigation, tactics and combat, bombing and chart reading.

This badge was issued by the official manufacturers, and available for private purchase by veterans, until the end of Second World War.

The exact number of badges awarded is unknown, as the records containing that information were destroyed during the bombing raids in 1945 on Potsdam.

The size and composition of the badges vary depending on the manufacturer.

The badges composed of Silvered materials were issued officially, while the badges composed of Silver were purchased privately.

There is a great deal of variation in the size, composition, and cost of Prinzen sized badges.


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