Badge for Naval Observers (in bronze gilt)


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  • Badge for Naval Observers (in bronze gilt) Obverse
  • Badge for Naval Observers (in bronze gilt) Reverse

Estimated market value:

$1250+ USD


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  • Makers
    Hugo Schapher
  • Composition
    Bronze gilt
  • Size


The Badge was instituted by Wilhelm II and was conferred upon Naval Observers for successfully completing a series of specialty practical and theoretical tests.

These tests covered a wide range of aviation and naval knowledge and skills, including but, not limited to, 15 hours minimum of flying time, Morse code and signals proficiency, and operational naval tactical skills.

This badge was officially issued until the end of Second World War, and privately purchased until the fall of the Third Reich.

The size and composition of the badges varies depending on the manufacturer.

The badges composed of Bronze gilt were issued officially, while the badges composed of Silver gilt were purchased privately.

The weight ranges from 24.6 to 66 grams.

There is a great deal of variation in the size, composition, and cost of Prinzen sized badges.


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