Long Service Bar in Silver for 15 Years

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  • Long Service Bar in Silver for 15 Years


  • country
  • date of institution
    December 21, 1860
  • makers
    Wilkens & Söhne, Bremen

Physical Description

A rectangular bar constructed of silver, on a red and white ribbon bar. The obverse bar bears "XV" (15) and has a smooth border. The reverse bears a pin for attachment. Measuring 38mm x 20mm.


The Long Service Decorations were established by the Senate of Bremen on December 21, 1860. The Senate determined that long-term loyal military service should be awarded, and that Prussian had already introduced service awards in 1825 and such decorations were gradually being adopted by all states of the German Confederation. The Senate produced 203 service awards and kept them in stock. The awards were returnable and upon receiving a higher class, the lower would be returned. The obligation to return the award was lifted on March 16, 1928 by the Bremen Senate.

The Bar was established by the Senate of Bremen and was conferred upon Non-Commissioned Officers and enlisted men who rendered 15 years of loyal military service.


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    $600 USD

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    Obv: XV

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    Wilkens & Söhne, Bremen

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