Honour Cross for Reserve Officers at Fulda in Bronze

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    September 9, 1814


The Medal was instituted by the General Governor of Frankfurt, Prince Heinrich XIII of Reuss-Greiz, and it was conferred upon Officers, Non-Commissioned Officers and enlisted men who refused to participate in the 1814 revolt of the 2. Landwehr-Bataillons (Fulda).

Following the end of the Napoleonic Wars, the companies of 2. Landwehr-Bataillons were dissatisfied by the poor conditions they were forced to live under. 400 men marched to Fulda to revolt against the Department of Fulda. Ultimately, the revolt failed and the men were tried in Frankfurt for their disloyalty.

The Bronze Cross was conferred upon enlisted men.


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    Bronze gilt

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    Obv: FULDA G.G.F. 1814 Rev: M.G. FS. D. V. 1813

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