High Order of the Black Eagle, Collar (in gilt)


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  • High Order of the Black Eagle, Collar (in gilt)
  • High Order of the Black Eagle, Collar (in gilt)
  • High Order of the Black Eagle, Collar (in gilt) Reverse

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    The pictured example is a museum quality display piece. It is not an official issue award.

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Prussia, Kingdom. An Order of the Black Eagle, Collar (Collectors Copy)

(Der Hohe Orden vom Schwarzen Adler). Instituted on 17 January 1701. A Post 1945 Manufacture Collectors Copy. In cast bronze gilt, a reduced size of the Order’s collar, consisting of 15 links composing by alternating 8 enameled black eagles on gilt thunderbolts, with 7 links featuring an external enameled blue ring with enameled green letters FR and reversed F, each of these links with central enameled white medallion inscribed the motto SUUM CUIQUE in gilt, with four Prussian gold crowns at the axis points, all the links with plain smooth reverse, the central link holding a small chain to attach the badge, the ends with loop catch to enclose, measuring 810 mm in length, toned surfaces on the reverses, light contact, very good.


This Order was founded by Elector Friedrich III of Brandenburg on the day before his coronation to become King Friedrich I of Prussia. Elector Friedrich III instituted the Order to demonstrate the importance and dignity of Prussia within the European hierarchy.

The Order was primarily conferred upon foreign and domestic Princes, Heads of State, and Dignitaries in recognition of extraordinary civil and military merit and achievements. It was also awarded to members of the Prussian military.

From 1703 to 1847, the Order was only awarded to members of the nobility who could trace their lineage through multiple generations.

On February 20, 1847, King Freidrich Wilhelm IV amended the Order to include individuals who were not of noble lineage. These recipients, in turn, would receive hereditary nobility.

The Order featured only one grade, which included a Collar, Cross, and an associated Breast Star. The reigning King could award the Order with or without the collar. The Order members had to wear their decorations at all times or risk fines for violating the Order’s rules.

The Order decorations could be conferred with diamonds to members of royal families and other high-ranking recipients for exceptional merit.

The Order's motto was "Suum Cuique," which is translates to, “To each according to his merits.”

The Order was discontinued in 1918.

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