The Principality of Waldeck was a state of the Holy Roman Empire in today's state of Lower Saxony and Hesse, Germany. It existed from 1349 to 1929 and was ruled by the House of Waldeck.

In 1180 was Waldeck established as a county. Later the county gained Imperial immediacy and was raised to the rank of Principality. In the 18th century ,the small county of Pyrmont became part of Waldeck. Later became the Principality of Waldeck-Pyrmont a free state.
1921, Pyrmont was separated again and incorporated into Prussia. The remaining Free State Waldeck was dissolved in 1929 by incorporation into the Prussian province of Hesse-Nassau. At the end of the WWI, Waldeck and Pyrmont became a free state within the Weimar Republic.

The Principality of Waldeck had an area of 1121 km² and a population of 61.707 in 1910.

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