I Class Badge (1939-1945)


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  • I Class Badge (1939-1945) (by J.R. Gaunt & Son Ltd.) Obverse
  • I Class Badge (1939-1945) (by J.R. Gaunt & Son Ltd.) Reverse

Estimated market value:

$450-550 USD


  • Country
  • Makers
    J.R. Gaunt & Son Ltd., London; Firmin, London
  • Composition
    Silvered Tombac
  • Size


The Polish Pilot Badge was established by official order of the Ministry of National Defence in 1919. It has since undergone a number of changes, but it has retained its overall design.

When the Pilot Badge was first established, it was awarded in a single grade to qualified pilots. In 1933, an amendment was passed that classified pilots into three ranks. The Third-Class Pilots did not receive badges, but the Second-Class Pilots were awarded a badge without a wreath after 2 years of service, and the First-Class Pilots were awarded a badge with a wreath after 5 years of service. When the Badge was awarded in the Polish People’s Republic, it was awarded in three grades, which were denoted on the obverse wreath.

There may be additional versions of the I Class Badge that differ in size, composition, or manufacturer.

Later versions are listed in the Badges & Insignia of the Polish People’s Republic (1944-1989), and the Third Republic (1989-).


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