A. Tillander


  • Finland. An Order of the Lion, Grand Cross Set, by A.Tillander, c.1970


  • Country of Origin
  • Locations
    St. Petersburg. 13 Gorohovaja Street ; 28 Grand Morskaya Street. Helsinki. 48 Alexander Street.
  • Institution Date
    March 19, 1860


Founded by Alexander Edvard Tillander on March 19, 1860, this firm became the principal manufacturer for all Finnish orders. Tillander was first apprenticed to Frederik Adolf Holsteinius, a Finnish Goldsmith working in Zarskoje, St. Petersburg. At the age of 23, he became a master and opened “A. Tillander & Co.” at 13 Gorohovaja Street. He became the sole owner in 1870 and the firm was then called “A.E Tillander” and was situated at 28 Grand Morskaya Street. His son, Alexander Theodore joined the firm in 1891 and ran the Helsinki Branch, and following the death of his father (who was shot in St. Petersburg in 1918), took over the whole firm from 1918-1921.The third generation of Tillanders managed the firm at 48 Alexander Street.

Their common marks include an AT in an oval and “A.TILLANDER” in a long rectangle.

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