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    Civil Pour-le-Merite, Prussian Red Eagle and Crown Order, Insignia for the Third Reich Government


Ferdinand Richard Wilm was a jeweler from Germany. He lived from 1880 to 1971. Before he studied at the Hanauer drawing academy, he completed banking training.

His family led a jewelry store since 1767 in Berlin. The business was founded by his great grandfather Gottfried Ludewig Wilm. The grandfather Hermann Julius Wilm led the business from 1812 to 1907 and the father Johann Paul Friedrich Wilm from 1840 to 1923. In 1911, Friedrich Richard Wilm and his brother Johann David were given shares in the company. With H. J. Wilm, the firm became the imperial "Hofjeweler."

After his father died in 1923, Wilm acquired the silversmiths Paul Teige and J. Godet & Sohn and expanded them into a contemporary goldsmith's workshop. Wilm took over many offices in professional associations. Hermann Göring ordered silver, honor cassettes and marshal's staff from the jeweler, which at the time increased Wilm's reputation.

After the end of World War II, Wilm moved the company headquarters in 1945 to Aumühle and later, he opened a store in Hamburg. The company still exists today.

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