Koninklijke Van Kempen & Begeer


  • Kon Begeer Mark on a Dutch Cross for Order and Peace


  • Country of Origin
  • Locations
    Utrecht, Voorschoten, Noordeinde
  • Institution Date
  • Status
  • Other Names
    Royal van Kempen & Begeer
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Van Kempen & Begeer was established in a small gold and silver workshop in Utrecht in 1789. The apprentice Johannes Mattheus Van Kempen was admitted to the blacksmith's guild of Utrecht.

In 1851, the company took part in the first World Exhibition, and the silver forge created an identity for itself around the world. In 1877, JM Van Kempen died, leaving his youngest son JM Van Kempen IV to take over the managment. During this time, the country expanded into a world-class industrial brand.

In 1885, the company received the designation "Koninklijke" ("Royal" in Dutch), and was able to add the Dutch Royal Crown to its logo. This occurred following the completion of their silver factory near Noordeinde Palace - the largest gold and silverware factory in the Netherlands.

In 1925, the company became Zilverfabriek Voorschoten.

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