Louis George Halley


  • Halley Cartouche on France, Colonial Somaliland. An Order Nichan El-Anouar, Grand Cross


  • Country of Origin
  • Locations
    Paris. 145 Galerie de Valois Palais Royal ; Palais Nationale ; 9 Rue de Montpensier ; Ateliers at rue de Montpensier ; 346 rue St. Honore ; 6-8 Galerie Montpensier
  • Institution Date


In 1844, Louis George Halley took over Pierre-Felix’s jewellery firm in Paris, which was originally founded in 1790. The firm became the purveyor of the Emperor Napoleon III and the King of Portugal. Between 1844 to 1867, there were two physical locations, one at 145 Galerie de Valois Palais Royal and one at Palais Nationale. The mark was a lion’s head between LH. In 1860, Louis George was succeeded by Octave Lasne, who became the purveyor of the Shah of Persia, Napoleon III, and the Ottoman Emperor. During this time, the mark was a lion’s head between OL. From 1867 until 1902, Halley was located at 9 rue de Montpensier. In 1902, the firm changed hands again, and was now continued by A. Bacqueville. Two years later, the firm was designated the purveyor of Gold Medal of Emperor of China. The were again located in to places, ateliers at rue de Montpensier and 346 rue St. Honore until 1910. In the 1970s the were found at 6-8 Galerie Montpensier, with their mark of a ship between AB. Halley is known for large stars and excellent workmanship.

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