Rozet & Fischmeister


  • Rozet & Fischmeister Full Mark on Austria, Empire. An Order of the Iron Crown, Third Class with Grand Cross Small Decoration, c.1916


  • Country of Origin
  • Locations
    Vienna. Kohlmarkt 11.
  • Institution Date
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  • Known For
    Austrian Orders.


Nikolaus Rozet founded the company in 1770, as a Huguenot fleeing France. His son Ignaz took over the company in 1836, and soon became the KK Court Merchant by the emperor. He brought the experienced goldsmith Franz Karl Fischmeister into the firm around the same time. Johann Rozet, the third generation of Rozets died in 1872, and the firm was then controlled entirely by the Fischmeister family. Owner Franz Marie Fischmeister participated in the Second World War, providing his aunt Berta the opportunity to run the company. She would take over again following his death in 1959, until 1975. Berta passed the company to Georg Fischmeister in 1975, who passed it to his son, Franz in 2016.

It is believed that this firm made most of their insignia during the First World War, as only silver-gilt and bronze-gilt have been observed. Roughly 12 pieces have been seen with the firm’s full name on it.

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