Storr & Mortimer


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  • Country of Origin
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    Harrison Street ; 156 New Bond Street
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  • Remarks
    This firm eventually became Hunt & Roskell


Paul Storr is considered one of England’s most celebrated silversmiths. He apprenticed to William Rock, a vintner, in 1785 before entering his goldsmith mark into the hall in 1792. During that time, he was a partner at Rundell Bridge & Rundell. In 1819, he left the company to start Storr & Co. and was joined John Mortimer, the assistant of the retiring jeweller and goldsmith, William Gray. Together, they moved to a factory on Harrison Street. In 1826, Storr’s nephew by marriage, John Samuel Hunt, joined the company. They relocated in 1838 to 156 New Bond Street. In 1839, Storr retired but the firm continued on as Mortimer & Hunt and eventually Hunt & Roskell.

All of the stars manufactured by Storr & Mortimer are named and often dated. The are known for the creation of all British orders, as well as a number of Guelphic Orders stars.

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