Order of Independence (Nishan-i-Istiqlal), Military Division, VI Class Knight

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    Due to the uncertainty and complexity surrounding Afghanistan awards, there may be additional Types, Classes, and Versions association with the Order which vary according to the period of institution. For instance, it is believed that the design of the centre medallion varies to reflect the instituting Monarch. Subsequent research is necessary.


The Order of Independence (Nishan-i-Istiqlal) was established by King Habibu'llah Shah in 1911. The Order is conferred to both military and civil personnel in recognition of outstanding service provided to the State. The Order was reorganized by King Amanu'llah in 1924 and is believed to have been later modified again in 1929. The Order was made obsolete in 1973.

The number of classes authorized for award with the Order is uncertain. Some sources posit that there are 4 Classes while others believe that there are 7. The number of Classes associated with the Order may have been instituted during different time periods and constitute different Types of the Order. However, due to the uncertainty and complexity surrounding Afghanistan awards, only 1 Type containing 7 Classes is listed here. More information is needed.

There are multiple versions of the award which vary by design. Decorations issued to personnel in recognition of wartime service feature a design of crossed swords superimposed on the centre medallion.

Additional versions of the Decoration which vary by design and composition according to era and monarch of institution are also believed to exist. However, due to the complexity of the award, these are not listed here. Subsequent research is necessary.

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